We don’t use standard solutions for our projects. Every one of our projects is unique and so we work to create a unique solution to suit the particular needs of the client. We visit the site to be sure to understand local specifics and then we continue to cooperate with local teams throughout the project. This approach is central to the success of every one of our projects.

There are three key features for a profitable shopping centre:

We provide a feasibility analysis to give an estimate of a site’s potential prior to a client’s decision to invest.

We analyse the geometry and relief, as well as all boundaries applicable to building construction, underground services and possible connections to city infrastructure networks. We also take into account all regulations, as well as basic needs such as the necessary number of car places. After these in-depth preliminary investigations, we can confirm potential features and qualities of the site.
Our comprehensive approach covers all three of the main fields of functionality: architecture, engineering and merchandising.

We use our expertise to combine each of these fields in order to achieve a well-balanced scheme with an optimised customer flow within malls. We create the best possible strategic layout for anchor tenants, while ensuring that every retail unit gains the benefit of a well balanced visitor frequentation. Of course, our designs also accommodate all the necessary technical areas in such a way as to minimise the constraints and burdens that these can place on the centre.
Functionality is the inner engine of a shopping centre. We consider that function creates the form.

In our projects, functionality always continues into form. The aesthetic of our interiors and facades bring substantial value to shopping centre and turn it into a landmark for the location. We create a global concept through every aspect of the architecture which gives a centre its unique identity. This identity must always be easily understandable so that it can be quickly and positively adopted by customers.
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